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本文摘要:Imagine one of your friends posts this picture on her social media.想象一下你的一个朋侪在她的社交媒体上公布了这张照片。

Imagine one of your friends posts this picture on her social media.想象一下你的一个朋侪在她的社交媒体上公布了这张照片。Ugh, look at her body, you think to yourself. I wish I was as beautiful as her.你对自己说,看看她的身材。

我希望我像她一样漂亮。The next day, you see she posts this picture with the caption “ love you girls”.第二天,你看到她发了这张照片,标题是“爱你们姐妹们”。Look at all her friends, she's so lucky. I wish I had friends like that.看看她的朋侪们,她真幸运。


我希望我有那样的朋侪。A few days later, this photo shows up in your feed, with another caption reading “being in love is the most amazing feeling ”.几天后,这张照片泛起在你的视野,标题写着“恋爱是最美妙的感受”。Of course, she has a hot boyfriend too. Can she get any better?固然,她也有个火辣的男朋侪。

她还能过得更好点吗?Later that night, you are laying awake thinking about her again.那天晚上,你躺在床上睡不着,又在想她。I wish I was like her. Pretty. Popular. In love. She just has it all.我希望我能像她一样。漂亮,受接待,被爱。她什么都有。

She's perfect.她是完美的。Her life is perfect.她的生活很完美。

The reality is that nobody has the so-called perfect life we hear about all the time.现实是,没有人拥有我们一直听到的所谓的完美生活。Let's say the hypothetical girl above lost her mother to a terminal illness when she was only 4.我们假设上面这个女孩的母亲死于绝症,其时她只有4岁。She feels like she grew up without a mother. Every night, she lays awake missing the mother she never even knew. She even wishes she was like you, that she had a mother like you do. She would take a mother over any amount of friends.她以为自己在没有母亲的情况中长大。


她会比任何朋侪都更照顾她的母亲。But you don't know that.但你不知道。

She paints a picture of having the perfect life to others. She doesn't want anyone else to see the ugly, darker side to her life.她向别人描绘了一幅过着完美生活的情景。她不想让任何人看到她生活中貌寝、黑暗的一面。What I am saying is that everyone is going through their own battle. Everyone has a dark secret(s). Everyone has something that keeps them up at night. Everyone has something they would change in their life.我想说的是,每小我私家都在履历自己的战斗。


每小我私家都有不行告人的秘密。每小我私家都有让他们夜不能寐的事情。每小我私家的一生中都有他们想要改变的事情。Just some people hide it more than others. They feel like the only way people will like them is if they seem perfect, so they only show you the good bits.只是有些人比其他人更喜欢隐藏。

他们以为人们喜欢他们的唯一方法就是他们看起来完美,所以他们只展示好的一面。I once knew a family. They travelled the world, were basically rich, had 2 happy kids and the parents had an amazing relationship.我曾经认识一个家庭。他们周游世界,基本上很富有,有两个快乐的孩子,他们的怙恃关系很好。

I was shocked when I got to know that the mother’s ex-husband murdered her third child and is behind bars. Their life seemed perfect to an outsider, but you can only imagine what the family must go through mentally everyday.当我得知这位母亲的前夫杀害了她的第三个孩子并锒铛入狱时,我很震惊。在外人看来,他们的生活似乎很完美,但你只能想象这家人天天精神上要履历什么。What do people underestimate often?人们经常低估什么?We underestimate how many people out there are going through something we don't know about.我们低估了有几多人正在履历我们不知道的事情。We underestimate how much the seemingly “perfect” person could be going through deep down.我们低估了外貌上“完美”的人心田履历了几多。

We underestimate life.我们低估了生活。If someone tells you they have a perfect life, well then they're lying.如果有人告诉你他们过着完美的生活,那他们肯定是在撒谎。You can't make assumptions about people only from what you see on the outside.你不能只从外界看到的工具来对别人做出假设。

Always be kind to others. You never know what they might be going through beneath the mask of “perfection”.永远善待他人。你永远不知道他们在“完美”的面具下会履历什么。小编zzz总结你看到的,只是别人想让你看到的而已。What you see is what others want you to see.。



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